Preparing a response to bullying

Posted on March 1, 2012


Now that MTV has answered the letter criticizing their bullying techniques and their stigmatization of minorities in Lebanon, it is time to take it to the next level.

The people at MTV have told me that they are going to work on an internal review of their material, then get back to me.

I prefer not to wait around doing nothing, and so I have decided to put together a list of suggestions that we can discuss when (and if) I meet with them. It can also be used when I meet with another TV station in a couple of weeks.

But this is all turning out to be a bit overwhelming for me, and I would really appreciate your help. MTV has already pointed out that they read the comments made on the letter, so I thought maybe you could all throw out ideas of how TV in Lebanon could change from an agent of hate and stigmatization, to a center for empowerment and civic responsibility (yes, I know I’m dreaming big, but why the hell not?).

So, please, please, please write your ideas in the comment space here. I’ll bring everything together and present it to the TV stations that have contacted me.

Just one rule though: Please be constructive. No point in insulting people. Just throw out ideas and let’s do this.

Tell me what bothers you, what you feel is missing, how things can be changed, and so on. (Anything from airing Public Service Announcements to hiring more women to broadcasting documentaries on child abuse…) If it is focused on empowerment and human rights and TV, then it is a good idea.

You can also email me your ideas if you prefer: omhinbeirut(at)gmail(dot)com.