We Suck Dicks

Posted on August 1, 2012


We suck dicks. We swallow. Sometime we spit. We deepthroat, we bite, we suck on the balls. We lick pussies.

We fuck. We put things in our orifices: toys, cocks, fingers, wrists. We kiss. We moan, scream, talk. We talk dirty. We read erotic novels with our hand down our pants. We sext, we flirt, we cheat.

We cum swap, we wife swap. We go to orgies, we have threesomes. We have open relationships, committed relationships, no relationships. We tie, we grope, we lick, we spank. We use condoms. Sometimes, we don’t use condoms. We take pills, sniff poppers, and eat ginger.

We cum on chests, in mouths, in pussies, in buttholes, on backs, on the bed, on faces, in the hair. We’re tops, we’re bottoms. We only do missionary, we only do doggy style.

We like big breasts, we like small breasts. We play with nipples, we play with the clitoris.

We love, we like, we lust. We fuck in our bed, in our cars, in our kitchen, on the floor, up against the wall, in a hotel room, in the bathroom, at the office, in the pool, under our desk, on our terrace, in the shower.

We jerk off. We watch porn. We buy sex magazines. We livestream sex shows. We go to sex clubs. We go to sex shows. Sometimes we go to porn cinemas.

We felch, we fist, we rim, we fantasize. We snowball. We do stupid things, we do great things, we do fun things. We sleep with our boyfriends, our girlfriends, our wives, our husbands, complete strangers. We sleep with the neighbor’s wife, our boyfriend’s best friend, older people, younger people. We meet people online, we meet them in bars, we meet them at dinners, weddings, parties, and on the street.

We fuck before church. We break our fast by sucking a cock. We never have sex at all.

We de-virginize, we re-virginize. We like it tight, we like it loose, we like it clean, we like it dirty. We shave our pussies, our chests, our balls, our legs.

We do it in the morning, we do in the afternoon. We do it in the middle of the night.

We do most of this every day.

Absolutely none of this however has anything to do with the police, the government, the ISF, the moral police, the medical board, TV show hosts, or the media, as long as it is between consenting adults.

Now let us fuck in peace. (Join us if you want. It might make you feel better!)