Here we come

Posted on September 27, 2012


I’ve been involved in a not-so-little initiative to change things, lots of things, in Lebanon.  I have joined hands, hearts, and minds with a wonderful group of people, and together, we are going to take back parliament in Lebanon.

We are a movement of people, young and old, that have decided to take things into our own hands.

We are a political platform that aims to give Lebanon back to the people, a political platform that aims to take Lebanon away from corruption, bigotry, violence, and self-interests.

We do not have any leaders. We are our own leaders.

We will not be led to wars we do not believe in. We will not be held responsible for debts that only serve to fatten the pockets of the few. We will not accept hate and violence and bigotry. We will no longer accept for two parties to decide our future.

We are not led by religion. We are not led by greed. We are not led by arms. We are led by the power of the masses, the power of the people, the power of Lebanon.

We are not 8. We are not 14. We are thousands, and we are growing.

Our only allegiances are to our core values.

We are those who have not given up on the country yet, we are those that have left but that dream of coming back, we are those who refuse to just give in to the leaders we have now.

We are your neighbors, your sons, your daughters, your friends, your grocer, your lawyer, your mechanic, your doctor.

We are people with hopes, dreams, aspirations, and optimism. We are people like you.

We need you. We need your votes, your thoughts, your support, your likes, your shares, your voices. We need your trust, your commitment, your faith. We even need your fears, your criticism, and your doubts. But most importantly, we need your ideas.

We do not want your money. We want your energy.

You decide who we are. As more people join the movement, it becomes a better reflection of who we are, what we want, and how we’re going to get it. We evolve to reflect the needs and visions of the people.

Join us. Today. There’s still time. We can take back parliament, and in doing so, take back our country.

Let’s do this.