Sex in 45 questions

Posted on October 14, 2012


Is he looking at me?

How do I look?

Is that his boyfriend?

Is he interested in me or just bored?

Would I do him?

How old is he?

Was that an accidental brush on my knee, or was it on purpose?

Should we go to his place or my place?

Should I put my hand on his knee while I drive?

Did I clean up the house before leaving?

Are my sheets clean? Did I make my bed?

How does he kiss?

Does my breath stink? What did I have for dinner?

Do I use tongue or not?

Open eyes or closed eyes?

Is he erect?

Is it slutty if I put my hands down his pants first?

I wonder if he’s bigger or smaller than me?

Is he hairy?

Is he cut?

Is he clean?

Is he in the mood to top or to bottom?

Am I in the mood to top or to bottom?

Do I have condoms?

Do I bring up condoms or wait to see if he asks for condoms?

Where’s the lube?

Should I keep the lights on?

Am I moaning too much? Too little?

Is he enjoying this?

What’s his name again?

Should I change positions?

How long have we been at this?

Is it too soon to cum?

Is he faking it?

Is he about to cum?

Where do I want him to cum?

Where do I want to cum?

Should I let him cum first?

Is it rude if I get up to clean up right away?

Do I want to shower with him?

What time do I have to wake up tomorrow?

How long until I can hint that it’s time for him to go?

Do I give him my number?

Do I want to see him again?

What’s his name again?