Posted on December 31, 2012


More picnics, hikes, and olive picking.

More home baked brownies, croissants, and pecan pies. Less worrying about my weight.

A tiny bit less Twitter, a lot less Facebook, a tiny bit more blogging and a lot more writing.

More books about secrets, elephants, India, illegal things, and forbidden loves. Less activism. More time with my sister, more time doing things I love, more time building things, more time.

Less superficial friendships. Less anger, more hope. Less napping, less drinking, less complaining.

More dreaming, more loving, more laughing. More flirting, kissing, holding hands.

Less random hook ups, drama, and headaches.

More new music, new countries, new people. Less porn, stress, and gossip.

Less God. More Beatles.

Less stubbornness. Less stubbornness. Less stubbornness.

Less idiots, less intellectuals, less hipsters. More random smiles, beauty, and connections.

More Monday night movies, less Friday night laziness.

More lunches in the sun, more apple flavored lollipops, more heart to heart conversations about stupid things.

More happiness, more jokes, more plants. More London, Cape Town, New York City.

More forgiveness. Less forgetting. Less clichés.

Less racism, sexism, homophobia. Less MTV Lebanon.

More kindness, honesty, and sarcasm. More wit, singing in the shower, and compliments. More dancing.

More tanning, more skiing, more running after important things. Less sitting in front of my window staring at the view. More being part of the view.

More friendships with straight boys. Less time trying to convince Elia he is gay.

Less driving. Less screaming. More (winning) lottery tickets.

More sea, less sand, more boats, less gym.

Less wishful thinking, more whistling.

More things that scare me, more bursts of emotions, more tickling, more tourism. Less planning.

More discoveries. More memories. More of everything perfect.