First Reactions

Posted on May 26, 2015


Actual reactions to me coming out to friends and acquaintances.

– Are you sure?

– When did you decide you didn’t like girls?

– Do you like Mariah Carey?

– Don’t you want children?

– Do you think I’m cute? Am I your type?

– I love Jean Paul Gaultier!

– So are you the man or the woman?

– Have you ever seen a naked woman?

– Why?

– You don’t look gay!

– What do you think of Brad Pitt?

– Is that why you got a tattoo?

– Have you seen a therapist?

– I’m so sorry!

– Have you been tested?

– So you actually look at the penises in porn?

– There’s this guy at work that’s gay. Do you know him?

– So you like it up the butt?

– It’s OK. God still loves you!

– That’s fine, but we can’t be friends anymore.

– Do you like to wear dresses?

– Have you tried praying?

– I’ll pray for you.

– I feel sorry for your parents.

– Do you think my boyfriend is gay?

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