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A Discussion with AUB’s Dean of Students re: Bigotry and Homophobia

May 20, 2012


As some of you know, a few individual activists and I met with Dr Talal Nezameddine, Dean of Student Affairs in AUB, last week to discuss the bigoted article written by Mohamad Sibai and published in Outlook, and the response to it by Lojine Kamel, the editor in chief, and the board. More importantly, we […]

Summary of my discussion with The Outlook Board

May 11, 2012


I met with Lojine and Ian (who contacted me as the Board) from The Outlook today to discuss the horrific article written by Sibai in last week’s issue of the publication. Below is a summary that I tweeted immediately after the meeting. I will be writing a post about it at some point this weekend. […]

Why Outlook’s Sibai Article is Offensive

May 8, 2012


I have taken Mohamad Sibai’s article as it is, and changed the words related to homosexuality to words related to Christianity, in an effort to make people understand why his article is bigotry, and not just self-expression. Of course, it works if you replace with with Islam as well. I wonder if Outlook would publish […]

Dear Lojine Kamel

May 8, 2012


Dear Lojine Kamel, Sometimes, it is nearly impossible to stay calm. Sometimes, calm and understanding is met with continued bigotry, and that’s when it becomes nearly impossible to not burst. I am going to try my best not to be patronizing in this letter. You are a student, and you’ve found yourself at the heart […]

Jokes and murders

March 16, 2012


Early Wednesday morning, Alem Dechasa, an Ethiopian domestic worker in Lebanon, used her bed sheets to hang herself in her room in the hospital where she was taken 3 weeks ago, after her boss had beaten her in public. The Ethiopian embassy has filed a lawsuit against Ali Maafouz, the asshole who led this woman […]

An open letter to MTV Lebanon

February 24, 2012


Dear MTV Lebanon, Your popular TV show Ktir Salbeh has recently been airing skits that ridicule a number of minorities, be they domestic workers, Palestinians, or gay people. In an episode that aired February 22, 2012, you featured a stereotypically gay man singing a love song to another man in a mocking way. I understand […]