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Who’s On Top?

August 29, 2012


Warning: This is what a post looks like when I’m trying to think something through that has too many layers and on which I have done very little to no research at all. In other words, this post is all over the place. Your thoughts are very much appreciated. When I was starting to deal […]

This is not about homosexuality

August 6, 2012


The arrests of 36 (35?) men in a gay porn cinema last week have sparked outrage in Lebanon (and across the world), mostly as a result of the anal probing “tests” that were done to them prior to their release. It has also sparked fear among the gays of an upcoming crusade against them. It […]

We Suck Dicks

August 1, 2012


We suck dicks. We swallow. Sometime we spit. We deepthroat, we bite, we suck on the balls. We lick pussies. We fuck. We put things in our orifices: toys, cocks, fingers, wrists. We kiss. We moan, scream, talk. We talk dirty. We read erotic novels with our hand down our pants. We sext, we flirt, […]

36 men in jail, and 1 on TV

July 30, 2012


Oh it’s been a long day! There have been arrests, rumors, gay porn, homophobia, celebrities, bickering, outing, a really bad YouTube smear campaign, and, just for good measure, a touch of pinkwashing. As it stands today, it seems that 36 men were arrested Saturday in a cinema that shows pornographic movies. It is not clear […]


July 26, 2012


This is an actual conversation I’ve had with a man on Grindr. I seem to spend most of my time on there trying to talk sense into horny boys. Maybe I’m wasting my time? *** Profile: “I’m straight-acting. UB2. Absolutely no fems and no bottoms.” Him: Hi Me: Hello! H: Top or bottom M: You’ve […]

Lessons in Homophobia: A letter to all my straight friends

July 4, 2012


I wrote the letter below exactly 3 years ago at a time when I felt I was overwhelmed by the homophobia that was surrounding me. I sent it to anybody who I felt was important to me. The feedback I got for it was very positive. In many ways, this letter to my close friends […]

AUB Faculty Statement on Hate Speech and Bigotry

May 30, 2012


The response to the homophobic article published in Outlook (as well as the ridiculous response to it by the Editorial Board) continues to grow, and many good things have come as a result of it. This may just be the most important though: Over 60 AUB faculty and staff members have come together to release […]

Summary of my discussion with The Outlook Board

May 11, 2012


I met with Lojine and Ian (who contacted me as the Board) from The Outlook today to discuss the horrific article written by Sibai in last week’s issue of the publication. Below is a summary that I tweeted immediately after the meeting. I will be writing a post about it at some point this weekend. […]

Something wonderful

May 5, 2012


Just when you think this country has gotten to the lowest possible point, and the leading university publishes a piece full of bigotry, hate, and lies, the people of this country turn right around and do something wonderful. The response from people of all walks of life has been overwhelmingly beautiful, and after yesterday, the […]

War and Happiness

April 17, 2012


I have a hard time writing about the war. Case in point: this post, that I was planning to have ready by April 13. 4 days later, I’m still rewriting it. But I’m not the only one. No one ever talks or writes about the war. Or rather, no one talks or writes about the […]