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Around the world in 80(ish) tips

June 23, 2015


Travel to places that you’ve never heard of, that make you uncomfortable, that are very hard to get to. Travel where you’ll be isolated for days on end. Leave your phone, your iPad, your laptop, your prejudice, and your problems are home. Never ask what something is until after you’ve eaten it. Never let your […]

Silent Love

March 26, 2013


She sits there, in front of the TV, staring at a black screen. The house is empty. It is silent. She hears the echoes of laughter. The memory is still there. Her seat on the couch remains the same. She does not move over to the more comfortable side. That was where her lover used […]

How Things End

February 19, 2013


“I wish I could love you.” *** We’re in bed, in post-coital bliss. He looks at me, knowing that I know the truth. 2 months into the relationship, he slipped in a comment. He tries to stop any conversation from happening. But I need to know. “How old are you?” “Why does it matter?” “You […]

Post-Coital Conversations

January 8, 2013


When you sleep with me, you don’t just get a regular fuck. I toss in a mind fuck for free. Me: You OK? Him: I’m fine. M: No you’re not. Why the sudden change of mood? H: I feel slutty. M: Why do you feel slutty? H: When you couldn’t find the condoms, I thought […]


December 31, 2012


More picnics, hikes, and olive picking. More home baked brownies, croissants, and pecan pies. Less worrying about my weight. A tiny bit less Twitter, a lot less Facebook, a tiny bit more blogging and a lot more writing. More books about secrets, elephants, India, illegal things, and forbidden loves. Less activism. More time with my […]

Cheaters never prosper, and we’re all cheaters.

November 14, 2012


I first met The Therapist towards the end of 2004. He had just moved back from Paris, and was depressed at the dating scene here. He was looking for someone to spend the rest of his life with. The Therapist was not my type at all. Overly muscular, wore fake contact lenses, more concerned with […]

Getting (Gay) Married

June 7, 2012


Last week, Randy and Keaton, two men I am lucky to have as friends, got married in a lovely ceremony in a garden in Dallas, Texas, surrounded by loved ones. I’m not an emotional person, so I’ll skip the sappiness. It was beautiful and simple and romantic and loving and happy. It was. But I’ve […]