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AUB Faculty Statement on Hate Speech and Bigotry

May 30, 2012


The response to the homophobic article published in Outlook (as well as the ridiculous response to it by the Editorial Board) continues to grow, and many good things have come as a result of it. This may just be the most important though: Over 60 AUB faculty and staff members have come together to release […]

A Discussion with AUB’s Dean of Students re: Bigotry and Homophobia

May 20, 2012


As some of you know, a few individual activists and I met with Dr Talal Nezameddine, Dean of Student Affairs in AUB, last week to discuss the bigoted article written by Mohamad Sibai and published in Outlook, and the response to it by Lojine Kamel, the editor in chief, and the board. More importantly, we […]

Summary of my discussion with The Outlook Board

May 11, 2012


I met with Lojine and Ian (who contacted me as the Board) from The Outlook today to discuss the horrific article written by Sibai in last week’s issue of the publication. Below is a summary that I tweeted immediately after the meeting. I will be writing a post about it at some point this weekend. […]

Why Outlook’s Sibai Article is Offensive

May 8, 2012


I have taken Mohamad Sibai’s article as it is, and changed the words related to homosexuality to words related to Christianity, in an effort to make people understand why his article is bigotry, and not just self-expression. Of course, it works if you replace with with Islam as well. I wonder if Outlook would publish […]

Dear Lojine Kamel

May 8, 2012


Dear Lojine Kamel, Sometimes, it is nearly impossible to stay calm. Sometimes, calm and understanding is met with continued bigotry, and that’s when it becomes nearly impossible to not burst. I am going to try my best not to be patronizing in this letter. You are a student, and you’ve found yourself at the heart […]

Something wonderful

May 5, 2012


Just when you think this country has gotten to the lowest possible point, and the leading university publishes a piece full of bigotry, hate, and lies, the people of this country turn right around and do something wonderful. The response from people of all walks of life has been overwhelmingly beautiful, and after yesterday, the […]

Dear Mohamad Sibai

May 4, 2012


Dear Mohamad Sibai, Have a coffee with me. Let’s sit, like two adults, and talk. You get to know me, I get to know you. Now, before you freak out about a gay man asking you out for a coffee, hear me out. I’m a 33 year old gay man. Everything you’ve written in your […]