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Raja Goes to the Doctor

November 27, 2012


I hate going to a new doctor/a doctor I haven’t come out to, especially when it has to do with my penis. I’ve been feeling pain when urinating recently, so I went to see this urologist. In an ideal world, this is how I would’ve liked that visit to go: – So Raja, tell me, […]

Cheaters never prosper, and we’re all cheaters.

November 14, 2012


I first met The Therapist towards the end of 2004. He had just moved back from Paris, and was depressed at the dating scene here. He was looking for someone to spend the rest of his life with. The Therapist was not my type at all. Overly muscular, wore fake contact lenses, more concerned with […]

Sex in 45 questions

October 14, 2012


Is he looking at me? How do I look? Is that his boyfriend? Is he interested in me or just bored? Would I do him? How old is he? Was that an accidental brush on my knee, or was it on purpose? Should we go to his place or my place? Should I put my […]

We Suck Dicks

August 1, 2012


We suck dicks. We swallow. Sometime we spit. We deepthroat, we bite, we suck on the balls. We lick pussies. We fuck. We put things in our orifices: toys, cocks, fingers, wrists. We kiss. We moan, scream, talk. We talk dirty. We read erotic novels with our hand down our pants. We sext, we flirt, […]

Let’s Talk About (Safer) Sex

July 17, 2012


When I first met L, I thought he was the hottest guy I had ever seen: Gorgeous eyes, adorable dimples, and a smirk that can charm any man. We made out that night, but for some reason didn’t have sex, which I regretted later. About a year later, we ran into each other again, and […]